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Our Voyage

Kailash Shipping was founded by
Late Sri Ramprasad, as a clearing and forwarding house with a reputation for excellence, and has been growing steadily. Forwarding materials and goods of every description from heavy machinery to food products. Handling ships from General Cargo Carriers to tankers, bunkers and grain ships. Acquiring its own fleet of trucks and a Container Freight Station, as well as building a support network across Europe and South East Asia, Australia and North and South America.

Today Kailash Shipping Services is a preferred partner for top manufacturers in India, as well as global players who source from the region.

  • 1984 - Company formed to provide Customs Clearance services
  • 1996 - One of the first companies in South India to be granted Public Bonded Warehouse License by Government of India
  • 2000 - Freight Forwarding commences
  • 2005 - Container Freight Station at Chennai operational
  • 2006 - Breaks into the 10 Crore Revenue Club
  • 2007 - Kailash Shipping Singapore Incorporated
  • 2007 – Licensed as Multimodal Transport Operators
  • 2008 – Warehouse facilities augmented by 20,000 sq.ft. of additional space